April 9, 2020

Highway (2014) : Maahi Ve | माही वे | A.R.Rahman

This is one of those amazing song which do justice with your feelings and love for someone. Lyrics of Irshad Kamil are just awesome and not to mention the voice and music of maestro A.R.Rahman is creating magic all over again. This song is gonna be like wine. The more its gonna old the more its gonna beautiful. Share your views and suggestion on blog in comment box below. Thanks!

धूप पानी पे  बरस जाये 

ये साये बनाये, मिटाये 
मैं कहूँ और तू आ जाये 
बहलाये, और तू ही शरमाये

तू साथ है हो दिन रात है 
परछाईया बतलाये 
तू साथ है हो दिन रात है 
साया साया माही वे, माही वे 
मेरी हर बात में तू साथ है 
माही वे, माही वे 
मेरे सारे  हालात तू, माही वे 
माहि ये, माहि ये 

आये सताये, मनाये , सताये 
तू रुलाये, हसाये,भी तू ही 
हमसाये, हर दूरी शरमाये 
तू साथ है हो दिन रात है 
परछाईया बतलाये 
तू साथ है हो दिन रात है 
साया साया माही वे, माही वे 
मेरी सब राज़, कल आज तू है, माही वे , माही वे 
मेरी हर उड़ान एक तू , माही वे , माही वे

ये जीना भी, ना जीना भी 
है दोनों का तुम से ही वास्ता

ओ मैं ही तो  तेरा पता 
है दूसरा न कोई रास्ता 
आये मुझ तक वो तुमको जो है ढूँढता
मेरी खामोशियों में है तू बोलता 
ये जीना भी, ना जीना भी 
जो भी हुआ है, वो तुमसे हुआ
माही वे , माही वे
Director : Imtiaz Ali /  इम्तिआज़ अली 
Music Label : T-Series


Dhoop Paani Pe Baras Jaye 
Yeh Saaye Banaye, Mitaye
Main Kahoon Aur Tu Aa Jaye
Behlaaye, Har Doori Sharmaaye
(Raining Sunshine on the water
May it cast some shadows and then disappear
May I call out for You and You come and entertain me
May the distances between us shy away)

Tu Saath Hai Ho Din Raaat Hai 
Parchayiya Batalaye, 
Tu Saath Hai Ho Din Raat Hai
Saaya Saaya Maahi Ve, Maahi Ve
Meri Har Baat Mein Tu Saath Hai, Maahi Ve, Maahi Ve
Mere Saare Haalat Tu , Maahi Ve
Maahi Ye..Maahi Ye…
(you’re with me, and so the days and nights are there
The shadows are telling this
You are with me, night and day
You are like my shadow, my beloved
My every thought / deed, you are with me
In every situation, You are with me..My beloved)

Aaye Sataye Manaye Sataye
Tu Rulaye, Hasaye, Bhi Tu Hi
Humsaaye, Har Doori Sharmaye
Tu Saath Hai Ho Din Raat Hai
Parchaiya Batalaye
Tu Saath Hai Ho Din Raat Hai 
Saaya Saaya Maahi Ve..Maahi Ve
Meri Sab Raaz, Kal Aaj Tu Hai 
Maahi Ve..Maahi Ve..
Meri Har Udaan Ek Tu
Maahi Ve..Maahi Ve…Aye Aye Aye Ye ..
(You pester me, you cajole me, pester 
make me cry and make me laugh too
O close one, every distance feels embarrassed
You are with me, night and day
You are like my shadow, my beloved
You hold all my secrets, You are my past and my present, my beloved
I’m flying high because of You, my beloved)

Yeh Jeen bhi , Na Jeena Bhi
Hai Dono Ka Tumse Hi Vaasta
O..Main Hi To Hoon Tera Pataa
Hai Doosra Na Koi Raasta
Aaye Mujh Tak Woh Tumko Jo Hai Dhoondhta
Meri Khamoshiyon Mein Hai Tu Bolta
Yeh Jeena Bhi, Naa Jeena Bhi 
Jo Bhi Hua Hai, Woh Tumse Hua
Maahi Ve..Maahi Ve…
(This living, or even not living,
both are related to you only
It’s me only who is your address
there is no other way (to reach you)

Whoever looks for you, should come to me only,
You speak in my silences,
This living, and not living too,
whatever has happened has happened from you alone.

my beloved..)

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