April 9, 2020

Highway (2014) : Heera Soyi Sarahiye | हीरा सोई सराहिये | Shweta Pandit

The track takes you to another level with its smooth flow of various instruments in Rahman style in the middle. Wat a fabulous piece of composition especially the violin and the bells, Truly A Masterpiece because of using the Diamond as metaphor for Person’s Character through Dohas of SAINT KABIR. Done some Googling and tried to find out the true meaning of these Dohas, I hope you guys will like the meaning. Share your views in the comment box please. Thanks!

हीरा सोई सराहिये
सहे घनन की चोट
कपट को रंगे मानवा
परखत निकरा खोट

हीरा तहाँ ना खोलिये
जहाँ कुंजड़ों की हाट
सहजे गाँठि बाँधी के
लगिये अपनी बात
हीरा सोई सराहिये…

हीरा परा बाजार में
रहा छार लपटाय
केतिहे मूरख पची मुए
कोई पारखी लिया उठाय
हीरा सोई सराहिये
Lyrics : Sant Kabir / संत कबीर
Singer: Shweta Pandit / श्वेता पंडित
Performed by : Alia Bhatt & Randeep Hooda
Heera Soi Saraahiye
Sahe Ghanan Ki Chot
Kapat Ko Rang Maanwa
Parkhat Nikra Khot
(Choose only that diamond which
Can withstand all kinds of blows
Fraud, deceptive men (who try to look better than they are)
are found to be bad when when tested)

The point is that only those few who can bear with testing conditions are truly praiseworthy ones. Others fail when they pass such testing situations.

Heera Tahaan Na Kholiye
Jahaan Kunjadon Ki Haat
Sahaj Gaanthi Bandhi Ke 
Lagiye Apni Baat
(Don’t open a diamond
In the vegetable market
Just tie it safely (keep it safe
and wait for your turn)

The meaning here is that you should show your intelligence only where there are people who can understand it. It is idiocy to show your intelligence among idiots.

Heera Para Bajaar Mein
Raha Chhaar Laptaaye
Keetehi Moorakh Pachhe Mohe
Koi Parakhi Liya Uthaaye
(Diamond was fallen in the marketplace,
with ash sticking on it.. [so it looked like some random stone]
how so many idiots passed me
some expert picked me up)
Meaning here is that while most care about how something looks, the intelligent ones can recognize a real gem even when it doesn’t look good.

Also came across the following explanation on a website:-

1.Admire the diamond that can bear the hits of a hammer. Many deceptive preachers, when critically examined, turn out to be false.
2.Don’t discuss gyan (knowledge) with those who can not understand it.
3.Those who understand gyan, pause to acquire it.

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