April 9, 2020

Pankaj Udhas – Chandi Jaisa Rang Tera | चाँदी जैसा रंग है तेरा | Album – The Very Best Of Pankaj Udhas Live

This famous Ghazal of Pankaj Udhas first came into a movie name Ek Hi Maqsad (1988) but most of us knows it for its later version with this beautiful music video. I also prefer the later version as its more melodious and romantic and I always like watching this sweet video.

चाँदी जैसा रंग है तेरा, सोने जैसे बाल

एक तू ही धनवान है गोरी, बाकि सब कंगाल

जिस रस्ते से तू गुजरे,वो फूलों से भर जाये…
तेरे पैर कि कोमल आहट सोते भाग जगाये,
जो पत्थर छू ले गोरी तू वो हीरा बन जाये,
तू जिसको मिल जाये वो,
तू जिसको मिल जाये वो हो जाये मालामाल
एक तू ही धनवान है गोरी…

जो बे-रंग हो उस पर क्या क्या रंग जमाते लोग,
तू नादां न जाने कैसे रूप चुराते लोग,
नजरें भर भर देखें तुझको, आते जाते लोग
छैल छबीली रानी थोडा……
छैल छबीली रानी थोडा घूंघट और निकाल
एक तू ही धनवान है गोरी….

धनक घटा कलियां और तारे सब हैं तेरे रूप,
गजलें हों या गीत हों मेरे, सब में तेरा रूप..
यूँ ही चमकती रहे हमेशा तेरे हुस्न कि धूप
तुझे नजर न लगे किसी की,
तुझे नजर न लगे किसी की, जिये हजारों साल
एक तू ही धनवान है गोरी,..

Album : The Very Best Of Pankaj Udhas Live
Singer : Pankaj Udhas
Music : Pankaj Udhas
Lyrics : Mumtaz Rasheed
Chandi Jaisa Rang Hai Tera, Sone Jaise Baal
Ek Tu Hi Dhanvaan Hai Gori, Baaki Sub Kangaal
(Your colour is like silver and hair is like gold
You are only rich oh lady, all other are bankrupts)

Jis Raste Se Tu Gujre, Woh Phoolon Se Bhar Jaye
Tere Pair Ki Komal Aahat Sote Bhaag Jagaye
Jo Patthar Choo Le Gori Tu Woh Heera Ban Jaye
Tu Jisko Mil Jaye Woh,
Tu Jisko Mil Jaye, Woh Ho Jaye Malamaal
Ek Tu hi Dhanvaan Hai Gori…
(That street fills by flowers which you cross
the soft footstep of yours wakes up sleeping lucks of ours
Whichever stone you touch oh lady turns into diamond
Whoever will get you
Whoever will get you become super rich
You are only rich…)

Jo Be-Rang Ho Us Par Kya Kya Rang Jamate Log
Tu Naadaan Na Jane Kaise Roop Churate Log
Nazarein Bhar Bhar Dekhen Tujhko Aate Jaate Log
Chail Chabeeli Rani Thoda…
Chail Chabeeli Rani Thoda, Ghoonghat Aur Nikaal
Ek Tu hi Dhanvaan Hai Gori…
(Those who don’t have any colour, people try to force them into their colour
you are so innocent lady that you don’t know how people steal your beauty
All these passer by take a full glance of your beauty
oh mischievous and naughty queen
pull out some more veil to hide your beauty
you are only rich..)

Dhanak Ghata Kaliyan Aur Tare Sub Hain Tere Roop

Ghazalein Ho Ya Geet Ho Mere Sub Mein Tera Roop
Yunhi Chamakti Rahe Hamesha Tere Hushn Ki Dhoop
Tujhe Nazar Na Lage Kisi Ki…
Tujhe Nazar Na Lage Kisi Ki, Jiye Hazaron Saal
Ek Tuhi Dhanvaan Hai Gori….
(Rays, Clouds, Bud and stars are all your guise
Either these Ghazals or songs of mine, all have your guise
sunlight of your beauty should shine like this always
You won’t get evil eye from anyone
you will live longer
you are only rich…)

Check out the film version from Ek Hi Maqsad (1988)

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