April 9, 2020

Gharonda (1977) – Ek Akela Is Sheher Mein | एक अकेला इस शहर में | Bhupinder Singh

When everyone give their best – singer, musician, poet, actor – you get a gem like this. Aab-o-dana. Aab means water, Dana means food. So in …

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Chitchor (1976) – Gori Tera Gaaon Bada Pyaara | गोरी तेरा गाँव बड़ा प्यारा | Yesudas

This movie is based on a Bengali story, Chittachakor by Subodh Ghosh. Chitchor means “Heart Stealer” in hindi. Yesudas won National Award for Best Male …

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Golmaal (1979) : Aane Wala Pal Jane Wala Hai / आने वाला पल जाने वाला है

Gulzar Saab won the Filmfare Best Lyricist Award for this song and why not? This song kind of decode the life and gives us the …

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