April 2, 2020

Kahin Bekhayal Hokar Yun Hi Chhu Liya Kisi Ne – Teen Devian (1965) | कहीं बेख़याल होकर यूँ ही छू लिया किसी ने | Mohammed Rafi

This gem from Bollywood is one of my all time favorite. The magical and one and only Rafi Sahaab could do justice as usual to …

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The Train (1970) – Gulaabi Aankhe Jo Teri Dekhi | गुलाबी आँखें जो तेरी देखी | Mohammad Rafi

This movie The Train (1970) is the remake of the Tamil movie ‘Neelagiri Express’ released in 1968 starring actor Jaishankar in famous C.I.D.Shankar role, which …

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